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Lunch and Learn – Managing difficult behaviour in a healthcare and office environment

Bio: Darren Robertson, Conflict Management Specialist, ProActive ReSolutions

Darren has an extensive background in supporting individuals and workgroups to work better together and build better relationships. He has studied and worked in Industrial Relations, Organisational Development, and Work Health and Safety. He has worked with some of the largest multinationals in the world such as BHP/Bluescope and PepsiCo. Since 2012, Darren has been a consultant with ProActive Resolutions. He has built a strong reputation within the fields of Health, Justice and Education by using Restorative Justice approaches to develop programmatic learnings to prevent conflict, resolving workplace conflict as its occurring, and transforming that conflict into plans for cooperation.
Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Aristotle is known for his quote “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. In Health, working as an effective and high performing team is more important than in most other workplaces. To be able to achieve that goal of working as an effective and high performing team, the workplace needs to feel Psychologically Safe. In this webinar we will look at the idea of psychological safety and the role it plays in how we feel about ourselves, our teams, and our workplace.