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Lunch and Learn – Credentialling

The ACIPC Credentialling Framework builds on the College’s longstanding and successful credentialling framework and provides a clear career pathway for all professionals seeking a career in our discipline. Our three-tiered framework combines the requirements for experience, formal education and training together with peer review.

Importantly, the ACIPC Credentialling Framework is for everyone. A key underpinning philosophy of this change is to provide a career pathway for infection control professionals within a formal credentialling framework that is open to everyone working in infection control. More than three-quarters of College members work part-time in infection control, or have infection control as one element of a broader professional role. Whether you are new to the profession or have been practising for some time, there is now something for everyone in the ACIPC Credentialling Framework.

Within this webinar you will find a range of resources to guide your application for credentialling with the College.