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Special interest groups (SIGs)

The purpose of a Special Interest Group (SIG) is to provide a network for members with a particular interest to develop their professional skills, exchange views and information, and to guide the career aspirations of junior members.

Establishing a Special Interest Group (SIG)

The Board approves the formation of SIGs.

Members of the College may apply to establish a SIG by sending the following information to the ACIPC office:

  • the name of the proposed SIG
  • a statement of the purpose and objectives of the SIG
  • the proposed Convenor of the SIG
  • the names of at least five members who support the formation and ongoing coordination of the SIG

The board will consider if the proposed SIG contributes to the purpose, strategic goals and objectives of the College.

SIG Membership

SIGs membership is open to financial members of the College.

Activities of SIGs

SIG activities are open to all members of the College.

SIG Activities

SIG activities may include:

  • holding meetings of SIG members
  • developing emails for SIG members
  • hosting and moderating a SIG forum on the College’s website
  • developing content related to the SIG for publication in the College’s newsletter, IPC News
  • hosting events related to the SIG

Other activities are subject to the approval of the board and can be proposed via the Executive Manager of the College.

Management of SIGs

  • the members of the SIG will appoint a convenor
  • the convener will be the point of contact and spokesperson for the group and will manage the activities of the group with the support of the members
  • SIGs will operate under the Membership, Communication and Engagement Committee (MCEC)

Reporting of SIG Activities

To promote the activities of SIGs and ensure their success:

  • SIGs should provide at least four updates per year to be included in the College’s newsletter, IPC News
  • SIGs must provide an update for inclusion in the College’s annual report including:
    • a list of current members
    • a summary of activities for the year
    • objectives for the next year

Hosting SIG Events

A budget must be approved by the Executive Manager for any proposed SIG events with a registration fee or expenses. Any agreements, such as venue or catering bookings, must also be approved by the Executive Manager.

Office Support

The office will support SIGS by:

  • providing forms for College members to join the SIG
  • publishing SIG updates and content in IPC News
  • setting up Zoom meetings for the SIG
  • sending email updates to SIG members
  • sending email updates to College members (where relevant)
  • posting content on the College’s digital channels (where relevant)
  • providing registration forms for SIG events
  • collecting fees for SIG events
  • organising the payment of expenses for SIG events


Please email the office,, if you have any questions about establishing or joining a SIG.