Special Interest Groups

Requirements for the formation and maintenance of Special Interest Groups
Establishing a new Special Interest Group (SIG)

  • Members of the College may, with the consent of the Board, establish a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the College.
  • The purpose of a SIG is to provide a framework for members with a particular interest, to develop their professional skills, exchange views and information, and to guide the career aspirations of junior members.
  • Members wishing to establish a new SIG must apply to the Board and supply the following information:
  • the name of the proposed SIG;
  • a statement of the objectives of the SIG;
  • the names and signed statement of support of five members who intend to join the SIG if it is established.
  • The Board is not bound to agree to the establishment of a SIG, if the special interest does not contribute to the affairs of the College.
  • A person applying for membership of any SIG must be a financial member of the College.

Special Interest Group Powers

Subject to the approval of the Board or at the Board’s direction, the SIG may:

  • hold periodic meetings of its members;
  • publish and promote the publication of any printed material or produce and promote the production of any audio/visual material;
  • hold any events in keeping with interests of the SIG;
  • do all other lawful things necessary for the good management of the SIG; and
  • use any of the College’s facilities (i.e. teleconference facilities, email lists). This must be facilitated through discussion with the College Executive Manager.

Meetings of SIGs

All SIG meetings are open to all members of the College.

Management of SIGs

  • The members of the SIG will appoint from among its members a Convener.
  • The Convener will be the point of contact and spokesperson for the group and will, with the support of the members, manage the activities of the group.
  • SIGs will report to and operate under the guidance of the Member Engagement Committee (MEC).
  • Each SIG must provide an annual report to the MEC, no later than fourteen days after the end of the financial year. This report should include:
  • list of current members;
  • summary of activities achieved during the financial year;
  • goals for the next financial year.
  • The MEC will review any SIG for which an annual report has not been received and will be able to recommend removal of a SIG to the Board.
  • For any events organised by a SIG, under the guidance and approval of the MEC, the National Office will be responsible for event registration and distribution of marketing material. Finances for these events will form part of the Annual ACIPC Budget and be managed by the Executive Manager and National Office reporting to the EMT and Board.

If you have any questions about establishing or joining a SIG, please email office@acipc.org.au.