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Advanced credentialling

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Relevant Vocations

Registered Nurses, Doctors, Scientists, Epidemiologists, Dentists, Veterinarians, Pharmacists, Midwives, Ambulance Paramedics, others on a case-by-case basis.

1. Prerequisites

1. Current financial membership of ACIPC
2. Working more than 3 years part time in infection prevention and control where infection control was a major focus of your role.

2. Knowledge Requirements

1. Complete AQF 8 Graduate Certificate Infection Prevention and Control as approved by the ACIPC.

3. Attitude Requirements

1. Peer Review
The purpose of this peer review is to provide support for your application to be credentialed.
Specifically the peer reviewer will be asked to provide comment on your professional and ethical practice and interpersonal skills by addressing a number of points relevant to the credential for which you are applying.The applicant must identify a suitable peer reviewer as per the essential criteria described below, and request a confidential peer review be provided directly to the ACIPC PACS Committee via the ACIPC Secretariat.
The peer reviewer is a professional colleague who meets the following criteria:

  • Has known the applicant in a professional capacity for a minimum period of six (6) months;
  • Has worked closely with the applicant as a peer or as a supervisor, or in the case of the self-employed ICP, the reviewer may be a client who has contracted the services of the ICP;
  • Agrees to handle all information associated with this application in confidence; and,
  • Is willing to be contacted by the ACIPC PACS Committee should clarification be necessary in relation to any information provided in the application.

2. Reflective Narrative Submission
The applicant must provide three (3) reflective submissions in total. Each should contain a maximum of 1500 words.
The first critical reflection is prescribed as follows:

  • description of your infection control role and how it relates to and/or supports the rest of the program. Include in this reflection your perception about the way you interact with other members of the C team and other members of the organisation outside the team. Identify the skills, knowledge and attributes critical to success in your role and your strengths and weaknesses in relation to them. What professional development activities have you planned to address your weaknesses?

The remaining two (2) must be chosen from the following options:

  • A detailed description of a specific outbreak situation you have managed or been involved in managing including: a critical review of the scientific literature; the process used for data collection; measures taken to contain the outbreak; actual or potential legal and/or ethical issues associated with the outbreak; a reflective commentary on your professional development and learning progress as a result of your role in this event.
  • A detailed report on a quality improvement activity you have implemented in your infection prevention and control capacity. The report should include: the aim of the quality improvement activity; how the activity was identified as necessary; the methods used to develop and implement the activity; the results/outcome of the project; an evaluation of the activity including any feedback received, and a reflective commentary on the lessons you learned through conducting this activity.
  • A detailed description of an IC policy/procedure you have developed and implemented within your workplace including: the scope and intent of the policy/procedure; the literature review/evidence base underpinning the policy/procedure; how you set about implementing the policy/procedure; how you evaluated the success/compliance with the policy/procedure; and a commentary on the lessons you learned through the process.
  • A detailed account of an educational program/project (e.g. health promotion or staff/patient teaching) you have implemented including: the background to the program/project; the objectives; the design of the program including intended audience, relevance of topic, learning principles; implementation and teaching methods; how the program was evaluated and the results of the evaluation. Include any examples of education materials/teaching aids developed in conjunction with the project; and a commentary on the lessons you learned through the process.

4. Practice Requirements

1. Statement of service or Certified Statutory declaration
Please include with your application either a Statement of Service from your current employer OR a certified Statutory Declaration outlining your current position in IPC it is a requirement for all applicants to be currently working in IPC, Working less that 12 months part time in infection prevention and control where an aspect of infection control was an explicit focus of your role.
2. Curriculum vitae
3. Giving Back Portfolio
The portfolio submission required for this level of credential relates to contributing to the profession of infection prevention and control. Describe how you contribute to the profession (e.g committee membership, research, presenting at conferences), including a reflection identifying where your expertise lies. The account should include reflections that specifically identifies your emerging area(s) of expertise.

Re-Credentialling Infection Control Professional – Advanced (CICP – A)

Please refer to the below document to view the re-credentialling process.

ACIPC Re-Credentialling Package

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