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IPC Week

13- 19 October 2024

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Week aims to promote better IPC practices and to recognise the efforts of all IPC professionals to reduce the risk of infection.

The Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control (ACIPC) sees Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) professionals as a basic and fundamental part of the success of IPC implementation and keeping the public safe and healthy.

With this year’s Infection Prevention and Control Week on 13-19 October ACIPC is calling for greater recognition of the many professional roles in infection prevention and control, across all settings.

The past few years have presented infectious threats from many angles, while antimicrobial resistance continues to be a global concern. IPC professionals have worked tirelessly to guide and provide best-practice care.

“Our members include clinicians, vets, paramedics, pharmacists, dentists, community, residential and academic professionals, as an example” said ACIPC President Stephane Bouchoucha. “IPC is not something that only happens in hospitals, it is happening in a variety of different healthcare and health related settings, under the ‘One Health’ strategy every day.”

ACIPC is dedicated to expanding the number of IPC professionals and increasing knowledge across multiple settings. Over the past three years the College has provided courses in IPC Foundations, IPC Aged Care, IPC Veterinary, Blood Borne Viruses and recently began providing an International IPC course.

Since 2021 as a regulatory function, every aged care facility across Australia required a trained Infection Prevention and Control Lead onsite. ACIPC embraced the challenge to educate the numerous new IPC leads, adding additional information to the IPC Foundation course to meet the needs of the aged care setting. In the past 12 months the College has successfully seen 621 people complete the course, enhancing IPC knowledge and capability across the industry.

ACIPC is proud to recognise all IPC professionals’ efforts and fundamental position in preventing and reducing infection and disease. IPC Week is an opportunity for us to celebrate them, promote their vital role and share our gratitude.


 More information and IPC Week resources coming soon!