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Our forums are the College’s platforms to facilitate communication, share ideas, seek advice from peers, and benefit from the experience of other members. The College has two forums (Infexion Connexion and Aged Care Connexion) allowing members to post and answer questions, subscribe to email notifications, and search archives online.

The forums are moderated by volunteers and our guidelines are outlined below.

  • Infexion Connexion
    Infexion Connexion is our long-standing email based-discussion list. You can currently search the archives in the member’s section.
  • Aged Care Connexion
    Our Aged Care Discussion Group is a new web-based forum allowing those working in aged care to participate in a community of practice with colleagues in aged care and in the broader IPC community.

We encourage all members to join the forums and participate in IPC conversations.


Financial members can access the forums by logging in to the members’ section of the website.

Current forums


Forum moderators are voluntary positions. Communication about the forums should be directed to the ACIPC Office and not directly to the moderators. If a moderator considers a post to contain any material that is derisive, defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, brings the College into disrepute, is likely to breach any law in the sole opinion of the moderator, or contains commercial information, it will not be posted. The post will be forwarded to the ACIPC Office and the member will be contacted by the ACIPC Office.

Questions about the forum?

Please email