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IPC Resources for Australasian Aged Care and Home Care Settings

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Australasian Aged Care and Home Care Settings

IPC in residential care and home care is unique and governed by its own Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards.

The following page of IPC aged care resources aims to guide, support, and educate the aged care workforce.

Note: Resources shared across all health care settings are located in the collaborative resource pages in accordance with country or region. 

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Standards – ACQSC 

Aged Care Rights and Diversity

IPC Education and Training

Social Factors

Dementia IPC Support

Infection Prevention and Control Leads (IPC leads)

Outbreak Management


Respiratory Tract:

Antimicrobial Stewardship

Standard and Transmission Precautions

N95 mask Fit checking poster –State

Hand Hygiene

Respiratory Hygiene/cough etiquette

Cover your cough Posters :

Building and Construction 


Cleaning and Disinfection 


Laundry Management

Animals in Aged Care

Management of Suspected and confirmed UTI

Incontinence Associated Dermatitis with suspected infection

Aged Care infection management by pathogen type