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The College encourages and welcomes original and innovative research in infection prevention and control. The College’s Research, Grants and Scholarships Committee facilitates and promotes IPC research and opportunities for funding for members.

The chair is Dr Sally Havers and committee members are Nicola Isles, Susan Jain, Professor Brett Mitchell, Ivy Gabatan, Amanda Corley, Winni Wong, Jodi Carey, Monina Hernandez, Nahid Choudhury, Sophy Butcher

Funding of Targeted Calls for Research

Funding of TRC will come from surplus ACIPC funds and is only applicable to address priority areas where other government or private funding sources are unlikely to become available. The maximum funding to be made available for the purposes of a TRC is $100K, this is to ensure responsible use of ACIPC funds and maximise all research outputs in the best interest of ACIPC membership in accordance with the ACIPC Financial Investment policy.

Please email with any questions for the committee.

Research grants

A key strategic focus of the College is to enable members to identify areas for research that will lead to improved knowledge, evidence-based education and practice, and improved outcomes. In alignment with this strategy, the College provides opportunities for our members to undertake research with the assistance of research grants.

The Early Career Research Grant supports early career researchers (ECRs) undertake research relevant to infection prevention and control.

The Seed Grant supports members who wish to undertake high quality pilot, exploratory, or small-scale infection prevention and control research. This grant aims to address a gap between early concepts and large-scale funding provided by larger bodies.

Visit the Research Grants page for details.

Research access scheme

The Research Access Scheme assists researchers who wish to contact our members to recruit participants for research projects. The research, grants and scholarships committee will review the research proposal and accompanying ethics applications. Research proposals should be aligned with the College’s purpose and aims.

Visit the Research Access Scheme page for details.

Unsolicited grant application submissions

Research funding requests submitted outside of regular grant rounds or not directly submitted in response to a TRC will not be considered for funding.

Letters of in-kind support for research proposals

If researchers wish to approach the College for letters of support for their research proposal, a letter outlining the details of the research proposal and the proposed in-kind support from the College should be sent to the Research, Grants and Scholarships Committee for consideration on a case-by-case basis. Correspondence can be sent to