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ACIPC has the following committees:

General terms of reference (TOR) for ACIPC Committees

Each committee is governed by the following general TOR, as well as the specific TOR for the committee, which are listed under each committees page. TOR outline the purpose and function of each committee and chairs are encouraged to review these annually, or as needed.


The committee will:

  • include a chair, appointed by the executive management team of the board of directors;
  • include a minimum of six committee members with the requisite skills and experience;
  • be appointed by written application to the chair of the committee with final approval by the board of directors;
  • serve a term of two years and may seek reappointment;
  • attend a minimum of 75% of all scheduled meetings unless a leave of absence, or alternative arrangement has been approved by the chair;
  • mentor new committee members.

The chair will:

  • guide the meeting according to the agenda and time available and ensure all discussion items end with a decision, action or definite outcome;
  • invite guests to the meeting as required;
  • provide an update on committee activities at board of director meetings;
  • provide a written report on the outcomes of the committee for the ACIPC Annual Report.


  • The committee will convene monthly by Zoom.
  • The chair may call special or extraordinary meetings.
  • A quorum will consist of half plus one of the appointed members and must be present for the committee to be constituted.

Office staff

The office staff are non-voting participants of the committee who manage the following:

  • preparation of agenda and notice of meeting;
  • recording of minutes of the meeting;
  • circulation of draft minutes to the chair prior to circulation to the committee.