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ACIPC Fellowship

Fellowship of the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control is a prestigious member status awarded to infection prevention and control professionals (ICPs) in recognition of significant professional achievement. Fellowship recognises the experience, contribution and standing of these members to the College and the profession. Applications for fellowship are open to members who are infection prevention and control professionals credentialled by ACIPC at any of the three tiers. Applications will be assessed against published criteria which reflect the professional leadership, commitment and achievements of the applicant.

Fellows of ACIPC

  • Assoc. Prof. Stéphane Bouchoucha
  • Professor Marilyn Cruickshank
  • Sandra Roodt
  • Professor Ramon Shaban
  • Belinda Henderson
  • Professor Thea van de Mortel
  • Dr Sally Havers
  • Professor Brett Mitchell
  • Professor Philip Russo
  • Kylie Robb
  • Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman
  • Janine Carrucan
  • Kathy Dempsey

Fellowship recognition

Fellows of ACIPC are entitled to:

  • be known as a Fellow of the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control;
  • use the post-nominal FACIPC;
  • receive and display the certificate of fellowship.

Interviews with fellows

You can read interviews with some of the fellows here. 

Membership fees

Membership fee for fellowship is $263 annually.


Applications must include the following:

  • A cover letter
  • Your current curriculum vitae
  • Documents addressing the application criteria

Completed application forms and relevant information will be reviewed by the ACIPC Credentialling and Professional Standards Committee. All applications will be treated confidentially. The board of directors has accountability for determining if the applicant can be admitted to ACIPC as a fellow. The process may take up to three months and applicants will be advised of the outcome by email.

Application criteria

1. Leadership

a. Outline and provide evidence of your contribution to the infection prevention and control profession in one or more of the following areas:

  • Clinical practice
  • Management
  • Education
  • Research policy

b. Outline any relevant postgraduate education you have completed and how it relates to your leadership and contribution to infection prevention and control.

c. Describe how your leadership has made a difference to the healthcare of the community.

2. Contribution to infection prevention and control

a. Provide a detailed professional portfolio containing published or unpublished work, such as:

  • Project reports
  • Curriculum documents
  • Successful research grant applications and reports
  • Development of clinical protocols
  • Evidence of implementation of change management
  • Publication in refereed/non-refereed publications/books
  • Evidence of other contributions to the infection prevention and control community.

b. Provide detailed examples of how you have contributed to the professional growth of infection prevention and control practitioners.

c. Provide certified copies of relevant awards and or testamurs.

3. Contribution to ACIPC

a. Continuous financial membership of ACIPC for the last three years.

b. Evidence of active and significant participation in ACIPC activities for a period of at least the last two years.  Examples of participation must include at least two of the following:

  • Director of the ACIPC Board or member of a board committee
  • Contribution to ACIPC policy submissions, guidelines or statements
  • Contribution to ACIPC publications
  • Delivery of presentations at ACIPC events
  • Active involvement in the ACIPC conferences and/or forums
  • Representation of ACIPC in an official capacity
4.  Referees

Application’s must be accompanied by two referee statements of 200 words each.  Each statement must include:

  • The capacity in which the referee knows the applicant and the nature and length of the relationship
  • Confirmation and support of the applicant’s claims against the selection criteria
  • Evidence of current financial membership of ACIPC
  • Contact details of the referee