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Research grant applications

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The following provides guidance on how to develop your application for Early Career Research Grants and Seed Grants.


Applications close 9 am Monday 19 August 2024

Application document

Your application needs to include the following in one PDF:

  • research grant application form as the cover page;
  • research proposal section;
  • budget and justification section;
  • research team information section;
  • dissemination plan and timeframe section;
  • the reference list can be located at the end of the application and is not included in the section page limits, however the reference list should not exceed two pages. Any referencing style is permitted, so long as it is consistent.

Ensure your document:

  • complies with the research grant funding rules;
  • addresses the assessment criteria;
  • includes the research grant application form as the first page;
  • contains a footer, stating the research proposal name, for example “A cleaning bundle to reduce the incidence of Clostridium difficle infection”;
  • uses a minimum of size 11 font;
  • complies with the maximum page limits for each section. Longer proposals may be automatically rejected;
  • contains page numbers.
Research proposal
Maximum three A4 pages
  • The proposal should contain:
    • an introduction – the introduction must demonstrate a gap in the literature;
    • aim(s) and/or clear research question(s);
    • methods;
    • significance – discuss the significance of the project as relevant to IPC;
    • ethical considerations, including where ethics approval will be obtained.
Budget and justification
Maximum two A4 pages
  • provide a budget in a table with a line for each item;
  • below the table, provide a justification for each budget line;
  • for example, if $1000 is included for travel, you should describe what this involves, “Two researchers travelling twice from Perth to Melbourne to join the CI for a meeting”;
  • clearly document if funding listed in your budget from other organisations or institutions is confirmed or whether you intend to apply.
  • in the case of the latter, clearly document the feasibility of the project proceeding in the absence of being awarded additional funding or support.
Research team information
Maximum two A4 pages
  • Include a brief summary of each team member, including their role in the project.
  • All applicants’ names, qualifications, positions and contact details should be listed. Please note 50% or more must be ACIPC members.
  • For the Early Career Research Grant, one of these two pages must detail the support and supervision to be provided by one of the research team members. This must be signed by the person providing the support/mentorship.
Timeframe and dissemination plan
Maximum one A4 page
  • Include a project plan to demonstrate completion of this project within 12 months.
  • Describe your dissemination and translation plans.
Curriculum vitae (CV) of the chief investigator (CI)
Maximum three A4 page
  • The CV should include recent and relevant work history, publications, grants and awards, conference presentations and ACIPC committee work.
  • For Seed Grants, past and relevant publications related to the project should be included and given priority.