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ACIPC position statements

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The College develops position statements on issues of importance to our members, our strategic direction and our vision. Position statements go through rigorous processes before publication including expert consultation by ACIPC Sub Committees and Board review and endorsement. Developed on the best available evidence, they provide clarification on College views and support best practice in IPC.

The ACIPC position statements are recommendations and should be viewed as suggestions to consider. We encourage individual healthcare facilities to review and implementation at their discretion. These documents are not a procedure, protocol, guideline, or policy and do not cover any implementation considerations. Broad in scope, they require local consideration and may or may not apply in particular settings.

Current Position Statements

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Position Statement Status Statement Notes
Current and continuing impact of COVID-19 Current Issued 9 February 2024
IPC workforce guidance Current Issued May 2023
Single use items Current
Under Review
Revised October 2016
Issued 2012
Mandatory hand hygiene training Current Revised June 2017
Issued September 2013
Joint ACIPC and ASID Position Statement
The role of the ICP in antimicrobial stewardship Current Revised June 2017
Issued August 2013
Endorsed by ASID 2013
Credentialling for IPC professionals Current Issued October 2023
Infection control for patients with Clostridium difficile infection in healthcare facilities Current Revised 2018
Joint ACIPC and ASID Position Statement
Animals in healthcare settings Current
Under Review
Revised August 2023
Revised Jan 2016
Issued June 2012
Facilitating next-of-kin presence for patients dying from COVID-19 in the ICU Current Joint ACIPC and ACCCN Position Statement