IPC Consultants

The Role of the College

The Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control is the peak body for infection control professionals (ICPs) in the region. Our members are practitioners, researchers and decision-makers in the field of infection prevention and control and include nurses, aged care workers, industry professionals, scientists, academics, educators, and policy makers.

As a member-based organisation, the College supports our members and IPC in the broader community through our activities. Our activities include education to develop infection prevention and control capacity, advocacy to government, collaboration with other health associations and Colleges, and publishing research. Our members participate on national and international panels, committees and working groups to develop standards and guidelines. We also have a credentialling program to recognise the expertise and experience of individual members.

Does the College Provide IPC Consulting?

The College itself does not provide commercial IPC consultancy. For example, we do not provide reviews of infection prevention and control management plans, outbreak management plans or policies for commercial organisations.

Connecting with IPC Consultants?

If your organisation is seeking to enagage an IPC expert, the College can provide channels to distribute your request. Your request will be distributed to all our members and stakeholders. See our advertising page for options.

We cannot recommend individuals for commercial engagements. It is important to note, not all our members provide IPC consulting services and not all IPC consultants are members of the College. You may wish to refer to our credentialling section to see members who are recognised as Primary, Advanced or expert ICPs.

We are able to distriubute your request for an IPC consultant but we are not able to give out contact details for any members.

Endorsements by the College

College members engaged to provide IPC advice are not representing ACIPC and the commercial engagement of an individual member does not indicate College endorsement. Any engagement is a matter between you and the individual you wish to contract.

The College does not provide endorsement of individuals to provide IPC consulting services. You may wish to refer to our credentialling section to see members who are recognised as Primary, Advanced or Expert ICPs.

The College does not provide endorsement of individual IPC plans, processes or audits.