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Strategic priorities

2022-25 strategic priorities

As the College and members emerge from the immediate impact of COVID-19, the board will consider the strategic priorities from 2022 onwards. In 2021, the board identified a range of priorities for the College to address over the coming years, which were highlighted in the 2021 president’s report, including:

  • Representation & advocacy
    The College will continue to strengthen our representation and advocacy to ensure the College remains the peak body for infection prevention and control in the Australasian region.
  • Credentialling and recognition of IPC expertise
    With an increased reliance on IPC practices and processes in all settings, it will be increasingly important to ensure key IPC roles are filled with people who have the required qualifications and experience. Our credentialling program which
    recognises IPC professionals and our advocacy of IPCPs will be important in ensuring this is achieved.
  • Communication
    The College will look to strengthen communication both in terms of our reach and content. The College is recognised as a trusted, independent, non-politicised, expert voice in IPC, and we will look to strengthen our messaging to all stakeholders.
  • Education
    Education will continue to be a core tool in delivering our IPC mission and developing IPC capacity. The College will review exisitng courses and develop new courses to support IPC learning for all stakeholders, with a focus on having
    programs accessible and ready to roll-out at scale.
  • Engaging with new audiences
    With an increased awareness of IPC across the community, the College will investigate how we assist new audiences in both clinical settings, such as aged care, and non-clinical settings, such as offices and retail. The College will assess how we promote education and participation to new audiences who are outside our traditional member base.
  • Supporting IPC capacity in the region
    The College will support healthcare colleagues in the Pacific to develop IPC capacity through membership and education.

2020-21 strategic priorities

  • Strengthen our profile as the peak body for IPC through effective communication and relationships with members, industry and partners.
  • Establish an agile and sustainable structure that will optimise College resources to meet member and stakeholder needs.
  • Strengthen the profile of infection prevention and control as a profession.