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Primary credentialling

Credentialled Infection Control Professional – Primary (CICP – P)

Relevant Vocations

Nurses, Doctors, Scientists, Dentists, Epidemiologists, Veterinarians, Allied Health Professionals, Public Health and Environmental Health Professionals, Child Care Workers, Pharmacists, Occupational Health Industry Representatives, Midwives, Ambulance Paramedics, Defence Health Workers, Personal Care Professionals (Tattooists, hairdressers, piercers etc.), Funeral Attendants, others on a case-by-case basis

1. Prerequisites

1.1 Current financial membership of ACIPC
1.2 Working more than 12 months part time in infection prevention and control where an aspect of infection control was an explicit focus of your role.
1.3 Application form and declaration

2. Knowledge Requirements

2.1 Complete the ACIPC Foundations of Infection Prevention and Control Course, or equivalent as approved by ACIPC
2.2 Complete all ACSQHC Infection Control modules
2.3 Complete one of the Hand Hygiene Australia modules.
All certificates have been certified.

3. Attitude Requirements

3.1 Peer Review
The peer reviewer will be asked to provide comment on your professional and ethical practice and interpersonal skills by addressing a number of points relevant to the credential for which you are applying. The applicant must identify a suitable peer reviewer who meets the essential criteria below and request a confidential peer review be provided directly to the ACIPC PACS Committee via the ACIPC Office.
The peer reviewer is a professional colleague who meets the following criteria:

  • Has known the applicant in a professional capacity for a minimum period of six (6) months
  • Has worked closely with the applicant as a peer or as a supervisor, or In the case of a self-employed ICP, the reviewer may be a client who has contracted the services of the ICP
  • Your peer reviewer must agree to handle all information associated with your application in confidence and be willing to be contacted by the ACIPC PACS Committee should clarification be necessary in relation to any information provided in the application.

3.2 Critical Reflective Narrative Submission
The applicant must provide a reflective review of their infection control role over the past twelve (12) months and address the following:

  • Describe the greatest challenge(s) you have faced in your role in this time
  • What did you learn about yourself while responding to the challenge(s)
  • In terms of your response what do you think you did well?
  • What would you do differently in similar circumstances?
  • Outline your professional development plan for the next three years and identify how your experience over the last twelve (12) months has influenced your plan

3.3 Portfolio Submission
Prepare one reflective narrative on one of the topics listed and provide a detailed description of the event including your roles and reflect on a colleague/supervisor working at a more advanced level and identify the skills and or knowledge they demonstrated when managing the issue. Compare and contrast these attributes with your own and identify what specific skills or knowledge you would most like to develop and what strategies you can implement to develop the skills or knowledge. Identify to what extent the colleague you identified previously would be able and/or willing to assist/support you in this endeavor.
Topics include:

  • A Specific Outbreak situation; or
  • Infection control quality improvement; or
  • Infection control policy/procedure development implementations/review
  • Based on your role in infection preventions including a critical narrative on your perceptions of the skills and knowledge person at and advance level would demonstrate in the situation and what you would need to develop at the same level of knowledge and skills

4. Practice Requirements

4.1 Curriculum Vitae

4.2 Statement of Service or Certified Statutory Declaration

Re-Credentialling Infection Control Professional – Primary (CICP – P)

Click on the link below to view the re-credentialling process.

ACIPC Re-Credentialling Package

Primary Credentialling Application Forms

Primary Re-credentialling Application Forms