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Research grants closing Monday, 14 November

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Research Grants Closing Monday, 14 November

A key strategic focus of the College is to enable members to identify areas for research that will lead to improved knowledge, evidence-based education and practice, and improved outcomes. In alignment with this strategy, the College provides opportunities for our members to undertake research with the assistance of research grants.

Applications for 2022/2023 will close at 9am on Monday 14 November 2022. For further information including the application process follow the link:

Seed Grant
The aim of the Seed Grant is to support members who wish to undertake high quality pilot, exploratory, or small-scale infection prevention and control research. This grant aims to address a gap between early concepts and large-scale funding provided by larger bodies such as the National Health Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the Australian Research Council (ARC). The grant is also aimed at providing support to researchers who have not yet had success with specific national category 1 competitive funding NHMRC and ARC grants.

Early Career Research Grant
The aim of the Early Career Research Grant is to support Early Career Researchers (ECR) undertake research relevant to infection prevention and control. ECRs are researchers who are within five years of the start of their research careers.