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GOARN Tier 1.5 virtual training opportunity

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ACIPC and the Queensland Infection Prevention and Control Unit (QIPCU) will be offering GOARN Tier 1.5 Virtual Training this July.

Through this highly interactive course, participants are introduced to the opportunities, processes, challenges, and realities of working as part of an international multidisciplinary outbreak response team on a GOARN deployment with the World Health Organization (WHO). This course details the steps involved to apply for deployment, explores the types of tasks undertaken and the people you’re likely to work with when deploying as an Infection Prevention and Control specialist in different response environments, and introduces concepts for adapting technical Infection Prevention and Control skills in dynamic field-settings.
Participants will hear from former GOARN deployees who will share their personal deployment experiences and collectively and honestly explore the mental and physical well-being challenges of deploying internationally to a public health emergency. Upon completion of this workshop participants are encouraged to self-reflect upon their suitability and interest in volunteering to deploy with GOARN and WHO internationally in the future and will be provided with avenues for further developing their international outbreak response skills.
All participants are required to complete a series of self-directed eCourses prior to the two workshops. These courses provide an overview of GOARN, the GOARN deployment process and WHO in Emergencies. Details and instructions for accessing and completing these eCourses will be shared with participants registering for the sessions.
Each online workshop will be held from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm AEST and take place on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th July 2024. More details will be provided to those who register.

To apply for the training, please complete the form:

Applications close 1 July 2024.