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Becoming involved with IDH Journal

A Message from Associate Professor Brett Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief, Infection, Disease and Health

Online submissions for Infection, Disease and Health are welcomed at any time. Details regarding the Editorial board, guide for authors and a link to online submission can be found here:

The new system allows for faster uploading of manuscripts (less fields to complete) and flexibility in the presentation of your manuscript. For example, you can submit your paper using any referencing style initially. We aim to make submitting to Infection, Disease and Health straightforward.

If you choose to publish your article in an open access format, if any author that is an ACIPC member, there is a reduced article processing charge (reduced by US$450) to just US$1250.  You can still choose to publish your article in a traditional format, at no cost.

For those on Twitter, I would encourage you to follow @IDHjournal. We now have over 1200 followers. Retweeting tweets from @IDHjournal greatly assists exposure of the journal and the College. Your support of this is appreciated.  By following @IDHjournal you will be notified when new papers are published online, ahead of press.

5 Ways to Get Involved

Peer Review. You should be a content expert in a specific field and/or have published yourself. If interested, contact the Editor via

Look at IDH articles. You can use this link to access online articles. ACIPC members will also receive an ‘early alert’ via email each time a new edition is released.

Cite and use IDH articles. Remember to consider using and citing IDH articles when publishing yourself, developing policies etc

Submit an article. Author guidelines can be found here Contact the editorial team if you have any questions.

Follow us on Twitter. Keep up to date with information regarding the journal – ‎@IDHjournal

Need help accessing IDH online?

+65 6349 0222


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