ACIPC Governance & Risk Committee


The purpose of the Governance and Risk Committee is to ensure that the Board fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities. The Committee must ensure compliance with statutory reporting responsibilities and assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities. This includes reviewing the systems of internal controls and risk management which the Board has established, and the audit process


  • Develop and review governance policies and procedures
  • Provide advice to the Board on suitable Board membership and functions
  • Provide advice on induction and training programs for Board members
  • To provide advice to the President on the performance of the Board of Directors and its committees to ensure that the Board is meeting its responsibilities as set out in the ACIPC Constitution and relevant legislation
  • Ensure compliance with statutory reporting responsibilities
  • Advise the Board on the appointment of the auditors and the results of their work
  • Assess the adequacy of accounting, financial and operating controls including:
    • the review and monitoring of monthly and annual financial statements
    • review annual capital and operating budgets and recommend approval to the board
  • Assess the effectiveness of the management of business risk and the reliability of management reporting
  • Review and monitor ACIPC risk management practices and regular review of key risks
  • Review of the ACIPC Risk Management Plan, insurances, Delegations of Authority Policy and Procurement Policy, and other high level policies relevant to the Committee’s purpose
  • Report to the Board any significant deficiencies identified above

Members of the Governance & Risk Committee

Associate Professor Stéphane Bouchoucha (ACIPC President-Elect)
Kristie Popkiss
Dianne Smith
Janine Carrucan