ACIPC Credentialling and Professional Standards Committee


To evaluate credentialling applications submitted by ACIPC members and progress assessment outcomes as recommendations for credentialling of ACIPC members to the Board. In addition, this Committee will advance the professional standing of ACIPC credentialling.


  • To advance the professional standing of ACIPC credentialling
  • To determine the professional standards by which infection control professionals are defined and practice
  • To evaluate credentialling and re-credentialling submissions from members
  • To conduct a formal evaluation of ACIPC credentialling with respect to professional standing
  • To establish and maintain an ACIPC Advanced and Expert Database that the College may draw on for professional representation in external affairs

Decisions regarding credentialling and re-credentialling recommendations shall be made by vote of constitutional members of the Committee where each member carries a single vote. In the event that a tie in votes occurs, the Chair shall have the casting vote. Key Performance Indicators for the committee are determined by the Board of Directors and shall be based on the Functions of the Committee.


  • The CAPS committee will be comprised of members of the College with the requisite skills and experience
  • The constitution of the CAPS committee shall comprise a Chair, duly appointed from the elected members of the Board of Directors and up to six committee members with due regard to distribution across the categories of Primary, Advanced and Expert as well as geographical distribution

Members of the CAPS Committee

Kathy Dempsey
Janine Carrucan (Co-chair)
Professor Ramon Shaban
Dr Deborough Macbeth
Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman
Belinda Henderson
Erica Short
Nicole Tolhurst
Sandra Roodt