ACIPC Infexion Connexion

Anyone person with an interest in infection control and prevention, including commercial company representatives, can join ACIPC Infexion Connexion. You do not need to be an ACIPC member to join this list.

Some features of this email discussion list include:

  • Full web interface
  • Subscription via email web interface
  • Ability to send messages, read messages, view list archive, search list archive, all via a web interface
  • Full email control: send commands, review subscription options
  • Fully moderated discussion list where the moderator can edit posts before sending them to list
  • Digest mode with options for how often to receive digest


There are two ways to subscribe to ACIPC Infexion Connexion (formerly known as AICAlist)

1) send an email to with the subject Subscribe and in the body of the message ‘subscribe aicalist’ (without the quotes). This is the quickest and easiest method for users, but doesn’t give you access to the web interface and archives. You can always register with the web interface after subscribing by email, though.


2) visit and register your email address on the website by clicking on the ‘get a new LISTSERV password’ link in the text. You need to confirm the request in an email (click on the link), then log in to the website with your new details. Once you are logged in click on AICALIST under List Name and them choose Join or Leave AICALIST. Here you can choose subscription options, then at the bottom of the page choose the Join button. Once subscribed to AICALIST you can set your own preferences for the website using the Preferences button next to Log Out.

If you have any problems with the subscription process you can send an email to

Further detailed instructions about this list are contained in the List Subscribers manual:

Infexion Connexion Rules

All subscribers to the list will be bound by the following rules:

  1. All posts to the list should identify the poster – specifically full name, employment classification and place of employment or practice setting. Where necessary posts should also identify any commercial affiliations or possible commercial conflicts of interest. This is essential so other members (who may not know who “Michael” is) can see the professional, commercial, socio-political, and geographic background any comments derive from.
  2. Members need to be aware that replies to any posts received from the list are directed back to the list, so please be careful in sending personal emails to their intended destination and not to the list. Whilst the moderators will attempt to discard personal messages, we are only human and can make mistakes, which can be embarrassing for all concerned.
  3. Please try and turn off any automated messages to the list, such as automated away messages. Whilst the list itself can manage multiple repeat emails from the same source, it may result in your email address being blocked by the list software. If you are using email software that allows you to exclude automated messages being sent to certain email addresses, please add the Infexion Connexion list email address.
  4. All content not related to infection control discussion or member identification should be removed from email messages sent to the list. The list software allows moderators to alter email messages, so moderators may edit a message and send to the list if it requires editing of inappropriate material, including automated message footers containing personal messages. Obviously, footers added by an organisational email server are beyond the control of members, but any other personal content in emails should be removed.
  5. Where possible, avoid direct discussion of specific commercial brands on the list. For example, if you mean a certain antibiotic class, then use generic names rather than trade names. There may obviously be exemptions for this rule (such as product recalls, or discussion of standards approved items), but please think before posting manufacturer or brand specific information. Be aware that commercial organisation representatives are welcome to subscribe to and post to this list.
  6. Membership by commercial organisation representatives will be allowed, but at no time may the list be used for advertising or any commercial purposes. Any list member who is deemed to be in breach of this rule will have their subscription suspended and referred to the ACIPC Board for consideration of further membership of the list.
  7. Commercial organisations are able to advertise the following services on the discussion list; any other type of advertising will breech rule 6.

7.1    Free educational activities that commercial organisation may be involved with or conducting,

7.2    Educational scholarships that the commercial organisation may have,

7.3    Research grants that the commercial organisation may provide.

  1. Any requests via the list for members to participate in surveys or research projects must be approved by the ACIPC Research Committee prior to being posted to the list. Refer to
  2. The list of subscribers will not be available to list members.