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From the President

I am very pleased to announce that Professor Peter Collignon has accepted our invitation to become Patron of the College.  
He has a distinguished career in Infection Prevention and Control and many of you will have either met or heard him speak on these topics. Click here for press release about Prof Collignon's appointment.
October is a busy month - we continue the Aseptic Technique workshops with International Infection Prevention Week webinars – all followed by the conference in Adelaide at the end of November.
We would love to hear about your activities and photos of IIPW - why not send them to us and we will post on the IIPW page of the College website.
The presence of Ebola serves as a reminder that we must not let our guard down against infections and that no county is really isolated now.  

Keep up the enthusiasm and I look forward to seeing or hearing from you at the next college event and in Adelaide.

Cheers Belinda

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Inaugural ACIPC Research Grants Awarded

The College is proud to announce the inaugural winners of the ACIPC Research Grants.

Congratulations to Sally Havers and Dr Brett Mitchell on their successful applications

Click here for details of Sally and Brett's projects


Ebola outbreak update – WHO, being the lead international organization for the Ebola outbreak management, continue to update their web pages on this topic, which in turn drives country guidance and updates.

WHO Updates

Infection Control Today - News updates here

IFIC - Ebola Outbreak Call for Assistance

Australian Department of Health Updates here