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Our annual conference is Australasia’s largest meeting of IPC professionals and industry representatives.


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From the President 


Welcome to the March College newsletter.

You will have noticed from recent emails and updates to our website that the College is offering a range of educational events from one- or two-day workshops to networking evenings. Keep an eye on our events’ calendar for events that would suit you. To ensure equity of access to these events, ACIPC have introduced a standardized fee structure based on the length of education provided – click here to see the details.

A small number of members has contacted the College raising concerns about a registration fee for what had previously been a no-cost event for participants.  I wish to assure all members that this decision to charge a fee was not taken lightly and had been discussed over a period of time including with Special Interest Group (SIG) leaders at meetings in October 2018 and again in February 2019. The intent of a small cost to participants means that the College can extend these services to members around the country.  This has come about due to requests from members in other states for such networking events and also from our industry partners who have requested a one-stop sponsorship for education events, sponsorship, and the annual conference trade exhibition. Industry partners have also raised concerns with the College about meeting the MTAA Code of Conduct requirements. The new Sponsorship Prospectus process ensures both our delegates and industry partners have arms-length from any perception of giving or receiving ‘gifts’ of anything other than education.

Charging a registration fee is not intended to simply be a revenue raising venture nor to alienate any of our membership, but rather to ensure equity for all College members. These changes are based on a need:

  • to reflect the College’s move to an Australasian College so that all members, regardless of where they reside, should have equity of access to education
  • to begin forward planning to create a Calendar of Educational and Networking events for the following year, each year
  • to ensure the College’s continued financial viability, and
  • for the College to work more closely with our Corporate Partners, acknowledging their national annual budgeting as well as their regional budget processes.

I can understand members’ displeasure in finding that previously “free” events are now to incur a small charge, and I am hopeful that members appreciate and accept the need for such a change.

As some consolation to the inclusion of charges for networking events, the College was able to partner with GAMA to offer members as a one-off, a full day seminar at no cost to the participants while also providing the College with some revenue that we can use to provide other events. Martin Kiernan from the UK along with luminaries from Australia kicked off in Sydney last Tuesday to an audience of more than 60. Delegates were informed of outbreak management in the absence of available research data; finding the source of an outbreak and other topical and practical IPC practices. Further seminars with Martin Kiernan and colleagues are planned in other cities over the next week. Register here.

The Foundations Program is the flagship of ACIPC education and is for anyone with an interest in Infection Prevention and Control or who already has a position with this responsibility or portfolio.  Completion of this course enables graduates to proceed to primary level credentialing. The next course starts in May and enrolments are open now.

With the Royal Commission into Aged Care underway and new standards coming into force in July this year, our IPC in Aged Care series of workshops are very timely. They started in Brisbane this week and will be held in other states soon.

Is there a topic you’d like covered in our education program?  Complete the form found here and let the College know about it – after all, if you want this education it is likely others do too.

I’d like to personally congratulate ACIPC members who have recently become credentialled. Firstly, Shannon Broadrick who was awarded CICP-Primary. Her ACIPC colleague Belinda Boston has earned the postnominal CICP-E and Belinda is joined by Helen Bucknell and Thea van de Motel who have also just become successfully recredentialled. One of the key benefits of becoming credentialled is a clear career pathway for all professionals seeking a career in our discipline. I’d like to strongly encourage all of our members to work towards and achieve credentialed status at any of the levels outlined on our website under Credentialling.

Yours in Infection Prevention and Control

Professor Marilyn Cruickshank 

ACIPC President


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The College is the peak body for Infection Prevention and Control professionals in the Australasian region. Our stated vision is the prevention and control of infection in our communities. We commenced in January 2012 bringing together the various State and Territory infection control associations formerly in AICA (The Australian Infection Control Association) to support and encourage collaboration across Australasia.

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Dr. Joan Faoagali Award winner announced

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$100 Membership
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$100 Membership

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Dec 4,2018


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2018 ACIPC Conference | Best Poster Winner: Joshua Philp

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2018 ACIPC Conference | Best Poster Winner: Brendon Heley
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2018 ACIPC Conference | Best Poster Winner: Brendon Heley

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Statement: Hand Hygiene Auditing in Australia

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