Seasonal Health

Staying Healthy at Home

Anyone can prevent getting an infection and different seasons bring different risks of infection.  Download the Fact Sheet 

Spring and Summer Healthy

These are the seasons where we get out of the house and head to the parks,

beaches and pools to enjoy family time in the open. The smell of barbeques is in the air. And we see shared picnics on the sandy beaches and grassy parks. It also the time of gastroenteritis (norovirus, rotavirus, etc), food poisoning (salmonella, etc), and mosquito borne diseases (Ross River virus, dengue fever, etc).

Autumn and Winter Healthy

These are the seasons where we get back into the house and turn up the heat using our air-conditioners, gas heaters or log fires. It’s also the time when we get close and confined and love to share. It’s the time of colds and flu’s, as well as pneumonias.

Most cases of influenza occur within a six to eight-week period during winter and early spring. Each year, there are over 80,000 GP visits due to flu in Australia.