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Online webinar: World Rabies Day 2023

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ACIPC is excited to announce that we are holding a Lunch and Learn webinar on 28 September 2023 at 12 pm AEST.

Topic:  World Rabies Day 2023 – All for 1, One Health for all
Presenters: Carol Bradley and Angela Willemsen

Abstract: World Rabies Day is celebrated every year on the 28th September – the anniversary of the death of Louis Pasteur. This year, the theme focuses on the need for collaboration of animal and human health professionals in eliminating rabies to achieve the global goal of ‘Zero by 30’ – global elimination of dog-mediated rabies deaths by 2030, the most common cause of transmission. While Australia is fortunate that it does not have rabies, Australia still needs to remain alert to the potential risk of rabies reaching its shores.

This session will provide an overview of where rabies, in particular dog-mediated is found, strategies to help reduce the global incidence, how Australia is remaining alert to any suspected cases of rabies and what you need to do if you travel overseas with your pets. From a local perspective, Australia Bat Lyssa Virus (ABLV) – a relative to the Rabies virus will be presented including what ABLV is, what you do if you find an injured or dead bat, and why bats need to be loved.

Carol Bradley Bio: works as a Veterinary Consultant and Auditor who specialises in Infection Prevention & Control for the Veterinary Industry. Carol’s knowledge, expertise, experience, and eye for detail can be attributed to her 44 years of working in the veterinary industry at a University Teaching Hospital, initially as Qualified Veterinary Nurse, Clinical Tutor then as a Lecturer. Her interest in IPC developed when she was Clinical Head of the Veterinary Hospitals Sterilising Department (CSSD), and Supervisor of the Small and Large Animal Operating Theatres.

She is an accomplished educator who designs learning programs that improve staff competency standards for a range of clinical skills, and has attained primary credentialing in 2021 with the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control (ACIPC). She is enjoying the connection with practices across Victoria to help solve tricky situations and now focuses on the challenge for improving the standard of treatment for all animals through effective Infection, Prevention and Control.

Angela Willemsen Bio: is a practicing small animal veterinarian who enjoys all things infection control, with a special interest in zoonotic (diseases from animals to humans) and reverse zoonotic (diseases from humans to animals) diseases. Her interest in public health developed during her first career as a registered nurse and became broader as she identified similarities and differences in health care between humans and animals. Her goal is to improve practices and knowledge regarding infection control practices in the veterinary profession. She volunteers with a national service providing free veterinary care to homeless and at risk pets and currently works in palliative and end of life veterinary care, academia and is working with ACIPC developing a veterinary infection prevention and control course.

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A webinar recording will be available to all ACIPC members, recordings can be found here: