Mosquito Borne Diseases

In summer being outside places us at risk of bites from mosquito’s that may carry different infections such as Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus infection, Malaria and Japanese encephalitis.

Things that may help to protect you:

  • Use personal ‘tropical strength’ insect repellents containing ‘DEET’ or ‘picaridin’ (always read the label and follow manufacturers guidelines, particularly for infants)
  • Use a plug-in zapper (indoors)
  • Use mosquito coils (indoors and outdoors)
  • When looking at somewhere to stay, choose screened or air-conditioned rooms/houses
  • In the home, close screen doors and windows and get rid of any containers that can hold water, where dengue mosquitoes like to breed
  • Empty paddling pools at the end of the day
  • Keep swimming pools chlorinated
  • Put a screen over inlets to rain water tanks (no more than 1mm diameter holes in the screen).
  • Wear long, loose clothing outdoors whenever mosquitoes are around
  • If camping, sleep under a mosquito net and zip up tents if possible

For further information go to Parenting and Child Health Queensland Health Child and Youth Health