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FIPC aged care staff

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Course Overview

Check the Foundations of IPC (FIPC) course page for the course overview, modules, assessment and other information.

New Bookings

Aged Care IPC Leads can enrol in our monthly FIPC courses via our Upcoming Education and Events page. The Foundations of Infection Prevention and Control course is one of the courses designated by the Commonwealth Government for the Aged Care IPC Lead role.


Please email the Aged Care IPC Lead team at

Submitting your Final Essay Using Turnitin

This video will show you the steps to upload your Assessment 3 – Final Essay. Please note it MUST be in Word format. PDF WILL NOT WORK.


Support with Course Material

Your course facilitator will be able to assist you with questions regarding the course material. The office team cannot assist you with course material. Use the Question and Answer Forum within the Communication section in Moodle to communicate with your facilitator. Other students within the course will be able to see your question and the facilitator’s answer. Your facilitator will have posted their email address within your course. Whilst we encourage students to use the Q&A function, we understand that sometimes students will need to contact a facilitator directly.

Aged Care IPC Lead Requirements

Please note, the College is not involved in the setting of the requirements for IPC Leads. If you have any questions about the requirements for IPC Leads or the timing to complete designated courses, please contact the Department of Health Visit the Department of Health’s website for more information about the requirements of the IPC leads, including the training requirements.

FAQs – Employers/Group Leaders

Q.  How do I support my staff/students?

  • It is critical employers engage directly with their employees/students over the duration of the Foundations of IPC course. The Aged Care IPC Clinical Lead students will need support from their employers to undertake the study in an accelerated format, including paid study leave as required.
    The support required by individual students will vary given the broad range of staff undertaking the course. We recommend once students have accessed the course and begin working on the modules employers talk with individual students to assess their personal requirements. The course is delivered and assessed at an AQF8 level.
    Each course has a facilitator and students who will facilitate the students’ learning and will engage with that person on course content, material and assessment. As the course is self-paced, different students will progress through individual modules at different speeds.

Q.  Can my staff get Recognised Prior Learning?

  • Prior learning will potentially reduce the time required for a student to complete the course. A student with prior learning in other higher-level courses and IPC specific courses could move through the whole course quicker and complete the final assessment essay. It would not mean they could skip certain modules though, so there isn’t recognition of prior learning (RPL). The course needs to be completed as a whole.

Q.  What is the maximum time allowed to complete the course?

  • For the Aged Care IPC Leads course, the College allows until 23 May 2021 to complete the course. Extensions beyond 23 May can be requested from the College and will be subject to the granting approval of a standard academic extension. Students who have not completed the course and submitted the final essay by 23 May be will be deemed to have not passed.

Q.  When do my staff get a Certificate of Completion?

  • Students who pass the course will be issued a Certificate of Completion and Academic Transcript once their final assignment has been marked.

College Membership

We believe it is critical for IPC leads to have peer networks to further their knowledge and individual practices. Our vision is to empower our members to be leaders in Infection Prevention and Control; leadership is critical in ensuring IPC processes and procedures are implemented and maintained in aged care facilities. Given the rapidly changing environments, graduation from any single course, either Foundations or a post-graduate course, is only the first step for an IPC clinical lead.

Aged Care IPC Leads undertaking the Foundations in IPC course will be given College membership until 30 June 2022. This will provide ongoing peer support, education and networking for members working in aged care facilities.  Participants will also receive online access to the College Journal, Infection, Disease and Health, which is peer reviewed and Medline indexed.

The College has a much used forum, Infexion Connexion, which provides a mechanism for members to ask questions and connect with other IPC experts.