ACIPC Scientific Conference Committee


To address the interests and educational requirements of the ACIPC membership and to ensure that the conference provides revenue for ACIPC by generating a scientific program of sufficient interest that ensures attendance by both delegates and sponsors.

Responsibility for conference budget, timelines, marketing and social events rests with the Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) in collaboration with a Board Member as the Convenor and the Executive Manager. The Convenor may be invited to sit on the Scientific Conference Committee at the Chair’s discretion.


The Scientific Conference Committee (SCC) responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, these functions:

  • To provide direction, decision making and information relating to the Scientific Program to the PCO
  • To ensure invited speakers and abstracts selected for inclusion are of high quality and reflect innovation and diversity
  • To make logistical decisions and conference documents in a timely manner
  • To participate in abstract reviewing and Chairing
  • To be responsible for the organisation and approval of a balanced and attractive high quality scientific program
  • To approve the conference program, handbook and abstract
  • The Committee chair will report to the Board of Directors (Board) with a monthly written report

Members of the ACIPC Scientific Conference Committee

Dr Holly Seale
Emily Larsen (Co-chair)
Megan Reilly
Dr Roslyn Franklin
Fiona de Sousa
Marija Juraja
Kathy Dempsey
Marilyn Cruickshank
Roel Castillo
Carol O’Sullivan
Sara Drew