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GAMA Healthcare’s mission is to help reduce infections to improve and save lives. GAMA Healthcare is a global company with 300 staff spread over 6 locations in the United Kingdom, Australia and China. We are market leaders in infection prevention and control solutions, our range of Clinell, Carell and Redi products combine innovative technology with ease of use, providing the professional healthcare industry with the most effective options available. With our ethos of high quality products, verified science, cost effectiveness and extensive after sales support, we have established ourselves as the premium choice for infection prevention professionals across the world. GAMA Healthcare is headquartered in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and has an active R&D department permanently engaged in developing new, improved and innovative products ensuring we offer the most effective solutions. Our 14,000sqf state of the art laboratory, based in Yorkshire, has recently opened to continue our success in launching world class patented products. Within Australia, GAMA Healthcare are proud to support the Australian College of Infection Prevention and Control and the development of Infection Prevention Specialists. Please visit our stand to learn about our education programme for healthcare workers and our new and innovative products. To find out more about us, view our corporate video using the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTogqhWyaFk

An expanded organisation for professional users

SC Johnson™ has a long history in the professional market, in which it started operating in the 1930’s. In 2015, the company began its return to the professional market with the acquisition of Deb Group and has now brought the company into an expanded SC Johnson Professional® organisation to serve as a total solutions provider for industrial, institutional & healthcare users.

The expanded SC Johnson Professional® organisation incorporates the Deb range of specialist occupational skin care products along with the well-known SC Johnson™ consumer brands and innovative specialist professional cleaning & hygiene products.

With deep category and technical expertise, the SC Johnson Professional® product range provides solutions ranging from skin care, floor care and surface care, through to air care, storage and pest control.

“Rethinking the Professional Experience”

Our purpose is to bring innovative, quality products and services to professional markets that rethink how people and organisations experience skin care, cleaning and hygiene. We enable customers to gain real benefits in terms of cleaner, healthier and safer workplaces and public environments.

This is achieved through outstanding products & services which respect the environment, create efficiencies, reduce inventories, simplify training and create a positive user experience.SC Johnson™ A family company at work for a better world.

With 96 years’ experience and represented in more than 170 countries worldwide, Ecolab is the global leader in water, food safety and hygiene technologies and services. In the healthcare industry, Ecolab provides specialised solutions across key areas of infection control: sterilising and operating theatres, endoscopy departments, infectious and terminal room cleaning along with Life Science products. We are committed to delivering the latest unique technology, quality validated processes and an intensive on-site service in partnership with healthcare workers to reduce infections. Our offerings include Surgical Alcohol Rubs, One Step Disinfection, market leading Soluscope AER’s along with Belimed and Smeg Washer Disinfectors just to name a few.

Website: www.schuelke.com.au
Email: : info.au@schuelke.com 
Phone: 1800 724 855

For more than 130 years, schülke’s philosophy has been centered on one concept: hygiene. Our mission is to fight disease and contamination before they emerge.
With products and services to support this mission across the globe, schülke is well placed to partner with organisations and service-providers in the following areas of infection prevention: hand and skin hygiene, wound care and antisepsis, and surface cleaning and disinfection.
Recently, the world has experienced the Covid–19 pandemic. This global impact has further emphasized the importance of infection prevention and control in the provision of health and aged care. It has also dramatically raised the awareness of infection prevention in our daily lives and in other work and social environments.
With a long-standing commitment to hygiene, schülke aims to protect lives worldwide, starting right here in Australia and New Zealand.
To learn more about schülke, please visit us at: www.schuelke.com.au or www.schuelke.co.nz
Cepheid is a leading molecular diagnostics company that is dedicated to improving healthcare by developing, manufacturing, and marketing accurate yet easy-to-use molecular systems and tests. By automating highly complex and time-consuming manual procedures, the company’s solutions deliver a better way for institutions of any size to perform sophisticated genetic testing for organisms and genetic-based diseases. Through its strong molecular biology capabilities, the company is focusing on those applications where accurate, rapid, and actionable test results are needed most, in fields such as critical and healthcare-associated infections, sexual health, genetic diseases and cancer.

Website: https://hainesmedical.com.au/
Email: sales@hainesmedical.com.au
Phone: (08) 8294 5999

Haines® is a medical manufacturing and supply company, focused on improving healthcare for staff and patients through better disposable and single use patient products.
The core of Haines® is our ability to think on our feet, develop solutions and respond quickly.

Always thinking and always ready to help, by healthcare standards we are a small Australian
business but don’t let that fool you:

  • We aim to be nimble and can respond quickly to market and client needs
  • We have robust quality accredited systems and evidence to back up our claims
  • We have a great team of people who we trust to have the transactional and strategic conversations that you need to have — they are much more than order takers.

Please reach out for a chat or to order an information and sample kit to be sent directly to you.

Website: https://sterrimatt.com/
Email: info@sterrimatt.com
Phone: 1300 132 908

Sterri-Matt Pty Ltd is home to the PPE Organiser range developed here in Australia. The Sterri-Matt PPE Organisers are now the worlds largest multifunctional PPE Organiser range available, with a product to suit all parts of Hospital and Aged Care etc. The unique ability to create your own stations using many of the options ensures your PPE Stations meet your infection control requirements while ensuring Staff are compliant in the use of PPE. New for 2021 is the Double Sided Mobile PPE Station that gives you the opportunity to have more options of PPE on the station or why not use the rear to create a dedicated mask station. Sterri-Matt is the leader in infection control product innovation that includes Room Decontamination products and Mattress sanitisers.

Website: https://diversey.com.au/en 
Phone: 1 800 647 779

Diversey’s mission is to protect and care for people through leading hygiene, infection prevention, and cleaning solutions. We develop and deliver innovative products, services, and technologies that save lives and protect our environment. Over the course of 95 years, the Diversey brand has become synonymous with product quality, service, and innovation. Our fully-integrated suite of solutions combines patented chemicals, dosing and dispensing equipment, cleaning machines, services, and digital analysis. We are a trusted partner; serving more than 85,000 customers in over 80 countries with a network of approximately 8,500 employees globally.
We are the leading global pure play provider to the cleaning and hygiene industry for the institutional and food and beverage markets. We provide customers peace of mind by helping maintain their brand integrity so they can focus on growing their business. Through end-to-end repeatable services we deliver the highest standards across customer locations to achieve improved operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Website: https://www.cloroxpro.com/
Email: seav.tea@clorox.com
Phone: 1800 234 7700

The Clorox Company has been making innovative products for more than a century that generations of people around the world trust to make their lives and the world a better place. CloroxPro is a pioneer in both cleanliness and disinfection. It provides a wide-ranging portfolio of proven disinfectants and sanitisation products. Offering the most robust portfolio of professional solutions, including cleaning and odour removal products, CloroxPro has a fully approved range of registered surface disinfectants for healthcare and commercial settings and electrostatic sprayer technology. Its products are trusted by sports stadiums, sports teams, leading hospitals, and schools and workplaces throughout the country, and contribute to healthier environments every day. In shared spaces, the impacts of illnesses and infections multiply quickly and create ripple effects that are felt at individual, facility and community levels. Every year, the flu alone leads to thousands of illnesses and deaths, thousands of missed days of school and work and millions of dollars in lost productive time, but it doesn't have to. 

In today's fast-moving, global world, outbreaks anywhere have the potential to threaten health everywhere. The rise of community-associated infections and growing threat posed by antibiotic resistance only heighten this risk and make preventing and controlling the spread of infections within and between facilities an urgent priority. The COVID-19 pandemic with its associated variances is an extreme example of that. CloroxPro quickly identified the need to develop a product that would kill the COVID-19 virus and already has in its portfolio, a number of Therapeutic Goods Administration listed products, to kill the COVID-19 virus on surfaces. 
CloroxPro is uniquely positioned to help reduce the burden of illness in the many shared spaces where we come together to work, learn, play, travel, socialise and heal. Whether it is schools, offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals or other commercial facilities, and is committed to meet the demands of industry professionals. 
For more information, visit www.CloroxProfessional.com.au

We reduce the weight of power lines so they can carry more power to more people. We help manufacturers use less while accomplishing more. We automate health care data so the right people get the right information. Across the globe, 3M is inspiring innovation and igniting progress, all while contributing to true global sustainable development through environmental protection, corporate and social responsibility and economic progress. We are applying our science and innovation to make a real impact in every person’s life around the world.

Website: https://www.device.com.au/
Email: customers@device.com.au
Phone: 1300 338 423

Since its inception in 1992, Device Technologies has been dedicated to improving patients’ lives through leading edge technology and services.  Successfully supplying hospitals and healthcare professionals with the finest medical solutions for their patients, we continue to grow, with over 200 trusted brands and more than 950 highly skilled staff throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.
Pioneering possibility is at the epicentre of what we do.  We strive for innovation, collaboration, taking ownership, and conducting good business in everything we do. Behind every brand distributed by Device Technologies is the concept that we are delivering leading technology into the most capable hands. We nurture the relationships with our healthcare professionals, guiding the process from concept to delivery and ongoing support with training and technical service specialty teams. Our promise is to enable superior health outcomes for patients, providing them with access to the best medical systems available worldwide.

Website: https://www.halyardhealth.com.au/
Email: CustomerService_ANZ@hyh.com
Phone: 1800 664 227

O&M Halyard is focused on advancing health and healthcare by delivering clinically superior infection prevention, and surgical solutions. Our market-leading sterilization wrap, facial protection, specialty gloves, protective apparel, surgical drapes, and gowns, are sold in more than 100 countries and throughout the APAC region.
Healthcare professionals choose O&M Halyard because of the quality, clinical superiority, and exceptional support that comes with every O&M Halyard product.
Our solutions keep pace with a complex and changing healthcare industry; protecting staff, surgical teams and ultimately supporting better patient outcomes.
To learn more, visit https://www.halyardhealth.com.au/ 

Website: https://www.bd.com/en-us
Email: customer_support@bd.com
Phone: 844 823 5433

BD is one of the largest global medical technology companies in the world and is advancing the world of healthTM by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. The company supports the heroes on the frontlines of healthcare by developing innovative technology, services and solutions that help advance both clinical therapy for patients and clinical process for healthcare providers. BD and its 75,000 employees have a passion and commitment to help enhance the safety and efficiency of clinicians' care delivery process, enable laboratory scientists to accurately detect disease and advance researchers' capabilities to develop the next generation of diagnostics and therapeutics. BD has a presence in virtually every country and partners with organizations around the world to address some of the most challenging global health issues. By working in close collaboration with customers, BD can help enhance outcomes, lower costs, increase efficiencies, improve safety and expand access to healthcare.

Website: https://www.gojo.com/en-AU/home
Email: info@GOJO.com.au
Phone: +61 2 9016 3882

GOJO Industries, Inc. is the leading global producer and marketer of skin health and hygiene solutions for away-from-home settings. Our broad portfolio includes hand cleaning, handwashing, hand sanitising and skin care formulations under the GOJO® and PURELL® brand names. GOJO formulas use the latest advances in the science of skin care. GOJO is known for state-of-the-art dispensing technology, engineered with attention to design and functionality. Our complete programs promote healthy behaviours for hand hygiene, skin care and, in critical environments, compliance.

In business since 1946, GOJO has a history of innovation in the field of skin care. Notable are the inventions of GOJO Original Formulation waterless heavy duty hand cleaner and PURELL, America’s #1 instant hand sanitiser. GOJO conducts scientific outcome studies with its products in real world settings. Our track record of leadership is supported with proven results. GOJO is a privately-held company headquartered in Akron, Ohio, with facilities in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

The McMonty’s hood is specifically designed to contain droplets and aerosols expired by an infectious or potentially infectious patient.

The McMonty has a powerful fan-filter unit that draws the patient’s expired air out of the hood, through a H13 high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which scrubs the air of 99.97% of particulate matter – helping to ensure the safety of healthcare workers and other patients.The McMonty by Medihood significantly reduces the risk of infection transmission through aerosolised particulate matter, resulting in safer environments for both healthcare workers and patients. It also allows for better patient care as healthcare workers are able to carry out tasks and administer procedures that would otherwise be considered to be a high infection risk.

Wilhelm is an Australian owned healthcare technology company on a mission to improve health in Australia and New Zealand

We exist to raise the bar on health standards in a world where this has become more challenging than ever before. Technology enables us to lead the way in modular design and construction, infection control, radiation safety and digital health, through locally engineered solutions, harnessing the latest in innovation here and from trusted brands overseas. Wilhelm takes care of everything, from end-to-end design, engineering, project management, installation, training and ongoing support. Whilst our reputation for superior project delivery has been achieved within the hospital and healthcare sector, there is a clear opportunity for other markets to benefit from some of our solutions.

Wilhelm is an Australian owned healthcare technology company on a mission to improve health in Australia and New Zealand

We exist to raise the bar on health standards in a world where this has become more challenging than ever before. Technology enables us to lead the way in modular design and construction, infection control, radiation safety and digital health, through locally engineered solutions, harnessing the latest in innovation here and from trusted brands overseas. Wilhelm takes care of everything, from end-to-end design, engineering, project management, installation, training and ongoing support. Whilst our reputation for superior project delivery has been achieved within the hospital and healthcare sector, there is a clear opportunity for other markets to benefit from some of our solutions.