Applying for Recredentialling

The recredentialling process involves an assessment of your experience, qualifications and practice by the Credentialling and Professional Standards (CAPS) Committee. Detailed information about the processes and what is required to be submitted is outlined in the application package and forms at the links below.

If you are wanting to recredential at a higher level, you will need to complete a brand new credentialling package of either Advanced or Expert. If you would like to check your credentialling status including due date, please email

Members will be notified when their due date for recredentialling is approaching and given 6 months from the due date to apply for recredentialling.
Extensions may be granted under extenuating circumstances and are assessed on a case by case basis.

Recredentialling Costs – $161.  ACIPC will invoice you once your application has been received.

Individual Forms

Primary Re-credentialling

Advanced Re-credentialling

Expert Re-credentialling