Dear ACIPC Members,

Welcome to the July 2021 ACIPC Newsletter.

With many of us still in various stages of lockdown around the country, a lot of members are working from home and many are back on the frontline. We recognise and applaud the high importance of the work everyone is doing to keep the community safe.

As our community continues to grow, membership of the College is more important than ever. The Board of Directors will meet over the next few months plan for more resources to support members working in infection prevention and control across different disciplines.

2021 is an election year for the College and we will soon be seeking nominations for Board Members and President-Elect. Voting will take place in the lead-up to the AGM in November where the new board will be announced. More information will be sent to members’ eligible to vote shortly.

Dr Susan Jain has recently credentialled at the Expert level.
Board Member and Chair of the Practice Guidance Committee Dr Sally Havers has just become recredentialled as a CIPC-E.

ACIPC’s three-tiered credentialling framework has been designed so anyone working in Infection Prevention and Control can have the opportunity to become credentialled and demonstrate to their colleagues and peers their commitment to best-practice in IPC and ongoing professional development by becoming credentialled.

Our Education Members / Aged Care IPC Leads will soon receive a credentialling information package with details on the application process. The team in the office is always happy to assist with enquiries.