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Infection Disease and Health

Infection control faces radical challenges at the beginning of the third millennium. Infection remains the second most common cause of death worldwide, with healthcare-associated infection (HAI) affecting at least 1 in 10 hospital patients. Novel invasive technologies and immunosuppression increase the risk of infection and escalating antimicrobial resistance makes it more difficult to manage. People are living longer; and expect modern medicine, which has to be balanced against continued restrictions on healthcare resources. Healthcare tourism, along with migrants, refugees, business and holiday travellers allow pathogens to spread throughout the ‘global village’.

More than ever before, the prevention and control of infection and infectious disease require careful consideration of the interconnections between environment and human and animal health. Such an approach, commonly referred to as ‘One Health’, has implications for policy makers, researchers, public health practitioners, economists and clinicians, all of whom are critical managing all aspects of infection. The ‘One Health’ approach underpins the College’s new journal Infection, Disease and Health.

Infection, Disease and Health will publish original research into infectious diseases old and new, emerging and endemic, with a focus on the interface between human, animal and environmental factors. However, we will also continue to emphasise the unique role of healthcare settings and personnel in the potential spread of opportunistic pathogens and antimicrobial resistance among vulnerable patients and amplification and spread of emerging and community-acquired infections between hospital and community.

We hope that Infection, Disease and Health will inform and entertain readers. There will be comprehensive content on a broad range of areas affecting all aspects of infection. Letters, commentaries and opinions that debate and discuss contemporary issues presented in, and outside, the Journal, will be welcome. Our publisher, Elsevier, brings an impressive global publishing platform and exciting initiatives to support the Journal. These include the use of social media to disseminate information and invite comment, audio slides – short, webcast-style presentations shown next to online articles and a virtual microscope – an integrated browser-based slide viewer that provides access to high resolution whole slide images.

The support and assistance of peer-reviewers remains key to the whole process and the editorial team are extremely grateful to expert reviewers across the world. Without your valuable input, we would not be able to produce the Journal. We will continue to publish the names of those involved in peer review annually, to recognise and acknowledge individuals involved in establishing this Journal.

Click here for free access to the inaugural edition of the Journal. 

ACIPC Members can access the journal by following the instructions below. 

A Message from Associate Professor Brett Mitchell, Interim Editor-in-Chief, Infection, Disease and Health

Online submissions for Infection, Disease and Health are welcomed at any time. Details regarding the Editorial board, guide for authors and a link to online submission can be found here:

The new system allows for faster uploading of manuscripts (less fields to complete) and flexibility in the presentation of your manuscript. For example, you can submit your paper using any referencing style initially. We aim to make submitting to Infection, Disease and Health straightforward. 

If you choose to publish your article in an open access format, if any author that is an ACIPC member, there is a reduced article processing charge (reduced by US$450) to just US$1250.  You can still choose to publish your article in a traditional format, at no cost. 

For those on Twitter, I would encourage you to follow @IDHjournal. We now have over 1200 followers. Retweeting tweets from @IDHjournal greatly assists exposure of the journal and the College. Your support of this is appreciated.  By following @IDHjournal you will be notified when new papers are published online, ahead of press.

5 Ways to get involved

Peer Review. You should be a content expert in a specific field and or have published yourself. If interested, contact the Editor via 

Look at IDH articles. You can use this link to access online articles. ACIPC members will also receive an ‘early alert’ via email each time a new edition is released. Open this email which contains a summary of IDH articles.

Cite and use IDH articles. Remember to consider using an citing IDH articles when publishing yourself, developing policies etc

Submit an article. Author guidelines can be found here Contact the editorial team if you have any questions. 

Follow us on Twitter. Keep up to date with information regarding the journal – ‎@IDHjournal


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