Do you know someone in our field who possesses incredible enthusiasm, provides inspiration to others even in the most difficult of circumstances; and who is a visionary leader that collaborates with others to achieve the best for their team, for the College and for better healthcare outcomes?

Perhaps you know someone that has an unfailing commitment to Infection Prevention and a compelling vision that encourages and motivates others to take purposeful action?

In busy workplaces and with competing demands it can be difficult to pause and reflect on your own leadership capability and those of others.  Often, we work alongside worthy individuals without affording them suitable recognition and acknowledgement of the work they do. The ACIPC nomination process provides an opportunity to highlight the work of individuals who have exhibited exemplary leadership in complex healthcare environments.

Why not take the time to reflect on those you have worked with and to nominate a peer whose attributes you admire or aspire to and submit a nomination which highlights to the broader infection prevention and control community how worthy the nominee is in receiving an award recognising outstanding skill, significant achievement and, visionary leadership in Infection Prevention and Control.

Applications for the Claire Boardman CICP medal for outstanding leadership are now open until Friday 21 September for more information visit the ACIPC Scholarships and Awards page or contact the College Secretariat.

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